Apartments in Domaso

Domaso - Lake Como.
New Residence in Pozzolo street.

The new Residence “Pozzolo” is located in Domaso via Pozzolo and is composed of a building divided in 5 apartments, each of them with a stunning view on the Como lake.

At the ground floor there are three indipendent apartments with private garden, one of them, the biggest, is arranged on two levels (ground floor and first floor) of the same size and can be considered as an indipendent terraced house.

At the first floor there are two apartments with large balconies facing the lake and with an amazing view to the lake and to the surrounding mountains.

At the ground floor is placed a shared swimming pool and at the basement are located the private garages and cellars. (Rif. Domaso Apartments).

The building is cerified in Energy Class A4 – NZEB building. “Near zero energy building,  this certificate represents a building with a very high energy performance, featured by high performance insulations and very efficent windows frames. The energy needed to reach a state of comfort is very low, the remaining one is covered to a significant extent by renewable present within the boundary of the building.

CONDOMINIUM INTERNET. The building will be equipped with wired flats. Each resident will be able to hook up to the connection and will be free to choose the tariff profile that best suits his needs.

Apartments available for sale


Informations about Domaso - Lake Como

The village of Domaso is crossed from nord to south by the Livo river.

The  historical center develops in the south part of the Livo river, and has the classic characteristics of a fishing village: leaning houses painted in bright colors, porticoes and arches. From the road to the lake you can reach the back of the houses through narrow cobbled alleys called “strecc”. On the fronts of the houses there are either devotional frescoes from the Renaissance, which testify  the popular devotion, and others of profane subject, which tell the ancient customs and the history of certain houses.

In the north of the Livo river, develops today the most touristic part of the country. Where until a few decades ago there were only cultivated fields and pastures, today there are campsites, residences, restaurants and trendy places that make Domaso one of the liveliest tourist centers of Alto Lario.

In the village there are also very interesting churches, first of all the the church dedicated to San Bartolomeo. The church was built in the thirteenth century in Romanesque forms, but was completely transformed in the late Baroque and eighteenth century, turning it into the current forms.

Inside there are many works of art, including the late Gothic fresco of the Madonna del Giglio in the Panizza chapel, an object of great devotion to the inhabitants of Domaso, eighteenth-century frescoes by Ligari and a beautiful canvas representing the Madonna and Child among Saints Peter and Paolo of the Bolognese painter Giulio Cesare Procaccini (1609).

Domaso is one of the leading locations in Italy and Europe for windsurfing, sailing and other water sports.

These awards are to be found in the climate that guarantees mild Mediterranean temperatures even in winter, and in its position in the lake, so favored by the breeze that blows constantly in the summer, that is famous with the name of “Breva” The main advantages of this breeze are the constant intensity and the ideal strength for windsurfing practised at all levels.

Equipped with modern and various sports facilities, Domaso proposes as well for lovers of other sports. There are tennis courts and football pitches, gyms, fitness center, windsurfing schools, sailing, water skiing. At 10 km you can go horse riding, at 20 km you have an 18-hole golf course.

For those looking for quiet and rest, the long beach offers unique moments of relax.

Magnificent is the frame of the mountains surrounding the village. The territory offers many mountaineering destinations and various tracks for mountain biking and trekking immersed in the silence of secular woods that, together with the mountain peaks and numerous alpine lakes, offer unique landscapes. For the fun of the youngest there are game rooms, discos, pubs

There are a lot of culinary attractions: all hotels and restaurants offer typical cuisine.