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Apartments in Ossuccio

Lake Como. Tremezzina - Ossuccio.
New Residence "Magnolia".

The new Residence Magnolia, composed of  8 apartments with panoramic view over the Como Lake, is located in Ossuccio in via Per Carate, in the “Zoca de l’Oli” area (oil basin), just a short walk from the lakefront promenade, in front of the  Comacina Island and close either to the Blessed Virgin of Relief Sanctuary and the “Villa del Balbianello”. We have four flats with two bedroom and private garden on the ground floor and four flats the same size with  large and covered balconies (very wonderful views over Como Lake) on the first floor. There are also a shared swimming pool at the ground floor and private outdoor parking spaces.

The building is certified in Energy Class A4 – NZEB building. Nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB) is a very high energy performance property featured of high performance insulators and high performance systems. The energy needed to reach a comfort level is very low, and the remaining is heavily covered by renewable sources within the boundary of the property.

CONDOMINIAL INTERNET. The building is already equipped with the individual flats cabling . Each owner can hook up to the connection and will be free to choose the tariff profile that best suits his needs.

Apartments available for sale


Apartment 8
Apartment 8

Magnolia Residence - Ossuccio

Apartment of 90 sqm at the first floor consisting of living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room, hallway and terrace. Private parking space.

Informations about Ossuccio - Tremezzina, Lake Como

Ossuccio and the Municipality of Tremezzina are located in the Center of the Como Lake along the western shore, in a privileged position, enviable for landscapes, historical and cultural heritage, for the civilian heritage of the people who live there and for the mildness of the climate.

Since the tirth of February 2014 the municipality of Ossuccio has become the new municipality of Tremezzina (by merging with the municipalities of Lenno, Mezzegra and Tremezzo). Ossuccio overlooks the western shore of Lake Como on that stretch of coast belonging to the Tremezzina area that is characterized by some morphological and landscape emergencies: Isola Comacina, the only island of Lake Como facing Ossuccio and the wooded Dosso of Lavedo, promontory best known as  “tip of Balbanello Villa, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The area that hosts the town of Ossuccio is called “Zoca de l’oli” (Oil basin  in the local dialect), due to the extensive olive groves that tend to grow lush to such an unusual latitude. This is an so temperate area that favors the flowering of Mediterranean essences but also a rich of history and monuments  land, such as the famous Church of St. James and Villa Carlotta.

The territory of Ossuccio is characterized by a historical-artistic resources wealth not so easily to found in other small towns of the Como Lake. The place that attracts most tourists is definitely the Isola Comacina and the Sacred Mount of the Madonna del Soccorso where the tourism is especially of religious character. (Ref. Apartments Lake Como).

Ossuccio is crossed by a beautiful pedestrian path called “Green Way”, a gentle walk marked with signs and plaques on the pavement. What better way to know the fractions of this enchanting community that follow this path leading you to discover its artistic and natural beauties?

Tremezzina has several public open-air beaches, a beautiful lido and some sports facilities.